WELLIES™ for Sport

Introducing countryside sporting activities to those with physical disabilities and those recovering from poor mental health.

The Air Rifle target shooting day on August 7th 2013 at Woodhouse Community Farm was about raising the profile of target shooting, working with people with physical and mental health issues. We showed that it is a sport for all which offers a safe, fun and exciting day as well as addressing stigma and allowing people to try new activities within a social and supportive group.

We have been overwhelmed with support from the airgun and airgun accessories world, which without this wouldn’t have been possible. A big thank you to all the shown companies!


Latest News:

The WELLIES 4SPORT team were invited to the ARMEX range in Birmingham by Alan Phelps the owner and founder of ARMEX to receive free training in:

- Safe use of air weapons
- Shooting equipment 
-  Range marshall responsibilities

Thank you to Terrence Evans (our tutor), Alan Phelps (owner and chief executive at Armex) who gave us excellent instruction and shared their years of experience. Mark Clarke a representitive of CFDCIC also attended the day. All pictured to the right.

We also got to have a go with many different guns including the fantastic and fun Airsoft equipment from UMAREX

Thank you so much to Alan and the team. We look forward to seeing them on the 7th of August at the Airrifle event in Lichfield.