We are passionate about Care Farming and the impact it has on people, both participants and those on farms.

It is certainly our favourite day of the week and contributes to our wellness, wellbeing and work life balance.

What matters to us is that the combination of fresh air, exercise, meeting and socialising with others, growing food, cooking and eating together, being closer to nature all contribute to wellbeing….and make a difference. It sounds very simple and the difference we see in participants in just three weeks never fails to amaze us.

Farmers increasingly work in isolation; their opportunities to socialise with others at market and similar have declined, as have farm incomes. To be able to share the therapeutic value of the countryside with others and bring in some income at the same time is very welcome.

Evidence that it works

Links to John Hegarty report

Please view the WELLIES project videos on YouTube here: WELLIES 1 and WELLIES 2

Summary of feedback

What the Participants Say…

I now feel confident enough to carry out some volunteering

Before I wasn't sure about getting on public transport, now I am more confident I am traveling to lots of places by myself!

I have achieved so much, learnt many new skills and improved my self esteem, thanks!

Leaving home is now easier

I  will be cooking at home now I have some new skills

Made lots of new friends

I want to carry on learning

I realise having something to do helps my mental health so its better doing than not
I have never felt so welcome 

Wellies is fantastic for us all